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This is a Simulation of Living Creatures.
It simulates a small evolutionary ecosystem.
Short explanation:
Each Creature is moved according to its Nerual Network Inputs/Outputs.
Neural Networks Inputs are given by the eyes View,
plus: Current Energy, Current Stomach fullness and 'pregnant or not'.
Eyes View is divided in sectors, each one has the Amount of meat/vegetable food and Male/Female Creature.
The Outputs of NN determinate the Speed and the Steer of the creature.
Creature can reproduce.
There are Males (Yellow) and Female (Pink)
When Male and Female touch themself, female can get Pregnant (In this case she is highlighted)
After a given time then, if pregnant Female has more than 50% of the energy,
She makes a new Child having for genes the one of Mother crossovered with the one of Father.
The mother gives a percentage (given by a gene) of its energy to the son.
A little mutation of children genes can occur.
While Moving, Creatures lose energy that they can recover by eating food.
When out of energy they die and becomes meat-food (That with time will be transformed to Vegetable food).
Vegetable food grows.
If the amount of Global vegetable growth is less than a threshold new Vegetable will be added at random position.
The output of NN, beside Speed and the Steer of the creature, determines the Violence (Red eyes) and Attack behavior of the creature.
If the genes difference of touching creatures (of the same sex) is above a certain threshold (given by a gene) and the 'DoAttack' output of NN is ON, the Attacking creature will damage other creature.

Created by Miorsoft - Roberto Mior


Creatures have a brain made by neural network and some physical characteristic.
The genes of each creature characterize all these aspects.

Neural networks INPUTS are:

  1. Vision:
    Divided by sectors.Each sector represent the nearness of Food, Male and female creatures + Their Genetic difference.
  2. Amount of energy.
  3. Stomach Fullness.
  4. Creature sex
  5. Is creature Pregnant?
  6. Is someone hitting the creature  ?
  7. Healt

Neural networks OUTPUTS are:

  1. Speed.
  2. Steering
  3. Should Creature Attack touching creature ? (just for same sex)
  4. Will to have son.

The other Genes represent:

  1. View Angle (FOV)
  2. View Distance
  3. Attack Threshold (How much genetically different must be the creature to attack)
  4. Part of energy a Pregnant female will give to son.
  5. Mass.


  • For TURBO mode Check the "Turbo Button" or minimize the Window.
  •  Since it is needed some time to see some evolution result , at startup is better to Minimize the window and re-Maximize it after some minutes (1-2 Hours of simulation time).
  • After a long run Save the Oldest Creatures or the ones you like. (You can reuse them later or in another Run using the "Add Creature" Button.)
  • To Zoom move mouse with right button pressed.



WEBPAGE: https://miorsoft.github.io/Site/index.html

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/reexre/videos



  •  New walk method with corrected leg shadows.
  •  Fix Vision Bug (did not rotate when no food in vision field).
  •  NRG waste by Speed^2.


  •  Added Mass Gene.
  •  If N of Females < 5 then add a Random Creature
  •  Added blood effect
  •  Included BIN folder. Now no need to download/register RC5.


  • Added Turbo Button (Maximize speed)
  •  Removed a part of the eyes input that distinguished between vegetable food and meat.
  •  Added new input to the neural net: Health
  •  Added new output: WillToHaveSon, so a new child is born only when the sum of these outputs of the 2 touching creatures of different sex is greater than 1.(This output is represented by a heart drawn on the top)
  • Improvements in speed and changed NN layers topology.
  • Added Tweakable Settings (Just few for now)

2020-01-29 (V5):

  •  Added other Creature's NN parameters settings.
  • Bug fix on Creature Info Display
  • Process priority from Idle to Below normal.
  • Now children can't Attack.

More content will be added according to your interest.

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